Apologies to one and all.......

If you have been reading the news re Oval Motorcycle Centre and trying to follow the link to the holding page and been unsuccessful. I apologise. This has been due to a slight mistake on my part in transferring from on host to another.:w00t:.

There is now the correct link to the holding page should you wish to give it another go, or just click on the link below.

I hope to see you there soon.



I really like the sound of this! My mechanical experience is limited to hitting things with a hammer and spraying things (unevenly) with (the wrong type of) oil.

So, how does it work…you have mechanics on-site to offer advice / assistance and pay an hourly rate for time in the garage etc? Are tools supplied?

Wow! You went ahead with it!

How cool.

Good luck Si.

There will be an experienced technician on hand to offer free advice and guidance.

The charges are based on an hourly descending rate. ie 1st hour is £25, 2nd and 3rd hours are £15 each there after each hour is £10. This will rounded up or down to the nearest half hour in £5 increments.
So 4hrs of bench time will cost £65 ex vat.

Each workstation will have a comprehensive tool kit and an hydraulic bench.

Also the Correct URL is now working!


fantastic price IMHO. I’d do it for sure just for the help:)