Apocalypse has been moved to 21 October. Put it in your diaries now...

rats, Im busy that day. Do you think Jesus would mind if I turn up late?

na im sure he will be cool with it.

day after my birthday, am gonna make it a good one this year then :smiley:

WHAT… ?!? Jesus double booked May 21st, and he’s only offering us 6 months time for a reschedule… dammit, fire the man, get someone who can do the job and who wants it! Honestly standards are so bad these days. You just can’t get the staff can you!

number crunching mistake again;)

so annoying they keep moveing it about and have to rearrange my plans yet again!!!:w00t:

there is no thought for anybody these days:D

That’s good for me as my birthday is on the 19th.:smiley:

Some Californian preacher who thinks he’s Jesus:D But you’ve got to admire the audacity of the man - he’s already made two dates - got them wrong and trying again with a third - and getting more publicity than Jordan.

I am actually predicting the world to end at 8.47pm (after East Enders of course) this evening. I will be taken up in an angelic, spherical cloud along with my Triumph, swirling around in space with atoms, electrons and quarks, whilst watching the rest of you fookers descend into Elephant and Castle Roundabout type traffic chaos below. How’s that for starters?:smiley:

Now where’s Jamie on Acid when you need him?:wink:

One minute to go and BOOOOMMMMM:D

I’ll bookmark that day for going out on the bike… dressed in nothing but my birthday suit! :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

For all of you who can’t think of anything funny to say about the Rapture, don’t worry! It’s not the end of the world! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw a guy driving his tractor down the road shouting " the world is coming to an end" do you think he could have been Farmer Geddon ? :smiley:

Some of us have very good memories and will hold you to that;) (in fact we’re just putting it on the calendar now):slight_smile:

yeah he didnt give a time, better get my legs waxed the day before, want to look my best for the J man and as my mother always said, make sure you arent wearing holy panties. Actually, this time maybe I should :smiley:

Lol - For the Royal Navy types, that’s Trafalgar Day!

Or go commando :smiley:

All I know is I have got a bet on this 30million-1 formthe world to end on this date

I have had a bet on this 30million-1 for the world to end on this date

Which Apocalypse r u talking about? O_o

The one god stuck his beardy face out a cloud and told us all about

Hehe)):slight_smile: I’ll tell you more, Apocalypse is happening now and it began long time ago)):slight_smile: You just have to open your eyes and you will see):wink: