Does anyone know anything about setting up a Apache server?

I am trying to mask the IP address with the URL and would like to have a true URL…


When a visitor clicks on ‘help’ it will display ‘http://mydomain.com/help’…?

I do not want to spend time setting up a DNS server as this is likely to only be a small project!

Any ideas?

i assume you have already bought a domain name? the following may help with your issue as they can do the domain hosting & DNS for you and fwd all traffic to your webserver (even if your IP address is dynamic; they have a small app to register your IP address on each start-up i think):


however, i have always used my service provider’s webspace (UK2.net fwding all traffic for mydomainname.com to the personal space and masking the address so it always appears as mydomainname.com) however there can be limitations to how complex the site can be or extra charges if you wish to use certain scripting languages or dbs such as mySQL etc…

main benefit of using ISP webspace is that you dont have to run a webserver 24hrs a day and waste electricity etc…

good luck