Anything today or tomorrow?

Anything happening today or tomorrow? Such gourgeous weather would be a shame to waste:)

is the breakfast club on for tomorrow?

Chichester and the coast leaving the Ace 10.30am.

and the breakfast run is still up, Sneaky is not going though:)

same place same time as last week?

breakfast club run is on guy’s at 8:30am

see you lot in the morning:)

all the best, mad-dog

Nice one Mad Dog, will see you guys down there…

Nice :cool:

Been looking forwards to this all week :slight_smile:

See you in the morning!

i look forward to the next bcr from monday morning:w00t::smiley:

it gona be a hot one 2mora:cool:

Gr8 Uncle Sneaky aint gonna be there to keep y’all outa trouble tomo. Remember to ride safe, have fum and be careful. I dont wanna hear someone binned’it? My final word on the subject is:

The Last One There Is A Ninney! :smiley:

dont worry uncle sneaky they have me to keep them safe:w00t:

see U all tomorrow :slight_smile:

With a name like Mad-Dog, I feel at ease!:stuck_out_tongue: