Anything to choose between major trackday organisers?

I’ve done a few track days now but mostly training-based events (Hopp Rider Training, Rapid Tracks, CSS, ESS (RIP)).

While one should never stop learning, perhaps it’s time to do some “ordinary” track days because they’re cheaper, there’s more choice of dates and they sometimes happen on a weekend, saving valuable hollibobs.

Is there anything to choose between the major organisers in terms of safety, organisation and the loony-qoutient among their customers? I’m generally (slow) intermediate, on my road bike (Sprint ST - more Touring than Sport) and like to be able to ride it home again at the end of the day…

Cheers for any advice

all the companies are very similar although i have always found hottrax and no limits provide a better service than any others.

+1 for No Limits…Mark is a diamond geezer… :smiley:

But the best track day experience I’ve had, with a great host (Alan) that checks how your day is going and where there is free classroom style tuition between your sessions, it’s Motor Sport Vision.

They seem to be trying to differentiate themselves and in my opinion, are doing it well.

Only done about 6 track days so far on the bike but I’d also say Motor Sport Vision (MSV) are very good, maybe slightly clinical and corporate but they run a great day. Hot Trax is also very good, bit more lively than MSV.

Wasn’t fond of Focused Events, the chap running the day (Brands Hatch last year) was unprofessional, but the rest of the team were great and I’ve never seen an instructor work harder than B :wink:

Best ones are the circuit run ones in my opinion.

Right I’m not looking after you any more:w00t: :wink:

For a number of years I stayed away from FE.

However last year I used them for euro days, mainly cos they can get me out at me favourite spanish GP track for the price of a shoe shopping outting with my lass.

I’ve got to say I was impressed and as a result have started to do UK days with them. Most of the issues I hear about them are regarding groupings. I can see why it happens, they want to fill every group.

Luckily, fast fills up last as a rule so I’ve never had a complaint.

I love no limits, been using them for over 10 years. Mark will never be the business man Kevin is, but he is a very gifted “people person”

Thanks for the feedback. Already had a look at FE and Hottrax sites. Off to peruse No Limits and MSV too!