Anyone work for Yamaha garage?

A friend of mine was charged £350 for diagnostic work (which found a fault) the work was then done under warranty. The Yam garage said this is standard practice (wtf!).

I think he’s been done over what are your thoughts?!

if its under warrently i dont think he should of had to pay a penny and £350 for diagnostic on a ybr seems quite alot quite a simple bike and shouldn’t of taken that long to find the fault

I think he should complain direct to Yamahaha, doesn’t sound reasonable to moi

We’ve paid £150 for simple service of yzf-r125… I guess yamaha decided they want loose some market. (Should be small service, oil+oil filter, spark plug changed by me as well as air filter)… and btw. no stamp…
Bullshit it is recently. To compare, big 6000 miles service on my Triumph was £176


WoW makes me glad I’ve got a Pin to do my service… (Well it does cost in the end!)

But I think it should have all been done under warranty, could understand if they charged for diagnostic with no fault.

A fault then warranty, complain.