Anyone work Evenings / Nights?

Well you guys I’m going today. Gotta be back by 4.30ish and the weather looks like it will hold out for me.

Anyone wanna come pm me by 10am

Would have been nice if i hadn’t got to work later this afternoon

Have a safe journey

I work shifts too,means you can get out there while everyone else is working.Went out today by myself before the rain came.Went from Ongar up the B184 ,thru Dunmow and then Finchingfield ,up to Haverhill ,turned around and came back,awesome roads if you have’nt done them,mixture of good fast bits and tight bends.

I’ll give you a shout the next wednesday that Im off

Mon 9th July might work for me… but won’t know til nearer the time. I tend to be free most wednesdays…that suit anyone?

Monday 9th is good for me too

Wednesdays would be good, we could make a day of it and end up at BM.

mondays good for me too…