Anyone work Evenings / Nights?

Hey Ho!

Am i the only one on here lucky / unlucky enough to work evenings/nights so I can enjoy all this sunshine?

Anyone else out there up for a weekday blast?

Hey Matey!

I work evenings (5-11) and would be up for a ride, but at the moment I am involved in a couple of projects - once they are finished I would love it!

Hurrah for nights and lates… yep i work them too ! ive got so much time on my hands at the moment its criminal .

I’m Cheshunt (M25 J25)

Where is everyone else?

I sometimes work nights if i`m doing a change over on water mains to a school.

A40 - Westway (White City)

Sarrfff london

i do shifts which includes overnights.
got some coming up this weekend as it goes.
im in norwood green, southall.

im over near south mimms would be up for a ride, but not till i get my license back 9th of july will be a bit rusty so a slow one first.

hello mate, yeah i work 4 days on 4 days off, always up for a week day blast but never no one to go with. i live in borehamwood but normaly at my gf in highbury.


South Mimms? Boreham Wood?

Sounds like a plan to me

Hooray, something to do when everyone else is at work! I do shifts too - my times are all over the place but mainly lates and nights. Always up for a ride! Looks like we’re starting a little sub-group here! And before anyone asks I’m not a girl in blue…work for the LAS. And live near Ruislip on the A40.

Hmmmm LAS?

Sorry I haven’t a Scooby what that is so i Googled it

I’m sure Loughton Astronomical Society are happy to have you working for them

Well monday the 9th of July would be a great day for me I need to go for a long blast

I’m working nights as well , but 4 on 4 the best system you can have

How long have you been on Shank’s for?

I’m working evenings but I’m only on an ER5 at the mo, so not that fast. I’m in saff East near Crystal Palace if there’s anyone near me wants a rideout.

Gotta go Winchester some time soon to see a friend who was knocked off by a drunk driver last week. Anyone wanna come?

I could be tempted if the time and price is right

3 months O I got a vtr firestorm

So have I, I’m “Streetfightering” it at the minute.

I’ve got a TL Thou too… It’s a “V” thing