Anyone who knows P3rks?

Anyone on here have Andy’s/P3rks phone number or in touch with him at all?

He came on my ride today. He pulled into the layby was trying to get everyone to stop in but then carried on out the other end and disapeared. Nobody has herd from him since so it would be nice to know if he has made it back home okay?

It was around 12:30-1300 that he disapeared from the ride.

Does he ride a blue and white gixxer? There was one involved in an accident today on the M25. 2 lanes were closed. Loads of police. No sign of biker or an ambulance though.

No, he was on a Superduke.

Orange superduke… 06 one i think

why wouldn’t anyone stop?

P3rks is still alive YAY :slight_smile: why haven’t you been down the hut of late?! We were gossiping about you the other day :wink: