anyone watch tv on pc?

ive got one of those usb dvb stick things, and manged to tune it, get over 50 channels etc, but anything i watch or listen to on it, seems to hang after about 5 mins.

im using blaze dtv software, i was wondering though if theres any other software someone could recommend?

also, ive got two monitors side by side, and for some reason when i move the tv window onto the secondary monitor, it goes black, but continues to play sound?

Check the setting to see what the HD space assignment is. I have EyeTV and it needs to have the settings finely tuned to make it perform. Also check that you don’t have power save features switched on in your control panel.

The monitor issue could be because your secondary monitor port doesn’t have the processing power.

well its only got a buffer setting for recording, which ive set to a gig at the moment. could it maybe be antivirus?

its a good graphics card, so no reason why it shouldnt work on both monitors i dnt reckon.hmmm

Not atlking gospel here, but I like to think I know a little about PC’s

When you say pretty good graphics card, can you tell us which, some don’t do acceleration on 2d stuff on their second chanels, resolutions, brands XP Home Vs. Pro etc…

Some can be a real bitch, also - video Codecs can matter – DivX has problems playing vid on 2nd monitors - While, the xVid one which is more or less compatible - and that works ok – though Codecs obviosly, aren’t in play here

its a geforce 6800 ultra, 256mb on board memory, and a gig of ram in the system, combined with a dual core intel processor-nothing should be slowing it up. played a dvd on the same blaze software last night, and the frame rate was well slow, so its defo a prob with this piece of software (powerdvd works fine on both monitors)

Ok, noted!

Ohhh, intel dual cores… I’ve got those in my Macs - I’m after a PC with them tho… (random trivia,… they’re based on the P-III specs, not the P-IV specs :S

I’m not sure what you can do - Is there some way you can try it on a mate’s PC, or… dare I say it, a Mac ?

I had a TV ariel thing once, internal PCI - it was so bad, i went and bought a HDTV with digital tuner instead, lol