Anyone watch the Queen return to London tonight?

Having been a member of the Special Escort Group back in the day, I appreciate what a difficult but prestigious job it is, but its also dammed hard work and needs lots of practice.

We did a lot of escort jobs because of Windsor, Royal Ascot, Henley Regatta, Windsor Horse show, Chequers and, and, and…

So I always watch the escort riders with a keen interest and I have to say that the lads and lasses both in Scotland and in London have done a magnificent job with lots more to do until Monday with all the dignitaries arriving in the country in readiness for the funeral on Monday.

Anyway… Watching the escort of the Queen travel from Northolt to Buck house tonight, I thought the whole team did a great job, especially considering the weather, but when they arrived at the front gates of Buckingham Palace and the hearse drove through, the outriders formed a guard of honour and all the riders sat on their bikes with heads bowed.

I thought that was a class act, especially after the hours and miles they have been putting in these last few days.

From one retired SEG rider to the current serving ones, well done to one and all. Take a bow and good luck for the next few days.



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It’s a no from me too, sad that someone died but not to the extent other people’s lives and deaths should be affected.

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Gotta respect Tesco’s opening store along the funeral route, while closing all the others…

I didn’t see it live but I did see the guard of honour.
Are these the same coppers that do diplomatic protection ?
I often see armed Police riders coming out of Maltby St SE1 and a few plain clothes ones too.

God save the King

@Longshanks SEG are not part of DPG, they are a specialised part of Traffic Division

The plain bikes will be the surveillance riders