Anyone want to write my reports for me?

All the kids blur into one after a while :crazy: shame I can’t write what I really think…

I’d love to requote a colleague of mine from a recent assembly when a kid told her she couldn’t tell him off as he had ADD (attention deficit disorder)

“Yes, ADD, otherwise known as a lack of discipline at home” :smiley:

I’m not in your line of work, thank god! Don’t know how I’d cope with all this ‘my kid’s lazy and rude, let’s find a medical condition that they can blame for the rest of their lives’ syndrome.

ADD = “Adults Dumbing Down”, right? :slight_smile:

The kids blur into one because the adults aren’t attentive to their individual needs, so it’s their fault, right?

Kids do try it on - especially ADD kids. If the kid is telling her she ‘couldn’t tell him off’, maybe she needs to think about her own ‘parenting strategies’, instead of caving in and feeling powerless on a simple provocation hmmm…

Well, don’t know the context, but having worked with kids for charity work, since when did ‘telling someone off work?’ anyway? Yes, it’s sure going to work in North Korea, or maybe Iraq on a national scale - not!

I’d hope that the generation of teachers whom we entrust teaching our kids, actually have more coping strategies than just bawling at little kids far smaller than them. How about motivating them, instead of feeling demotivated by normal childhood boundary pushing?

the answer is 13weeks paid holiday

Scooterassassin I’ve gut feeling that you’re not a teacher, right?

You’re hypercritical of the adults that are trying to do some good amongst the products of crappy parenting and assuming that negative strategies are the only resource of generally well trained and motivated staff. Wrong.

Just try it for a while as a full time class teacher on a sink estate.

Till then, shut the f** up.

Scooterassassin (01/06/2010)

Works quite frequently for me. YMMV.

Well that was completely ineffectual! :smiley:

Losing your temper on the internet? Dear dear.

Looks like some here really need some anger management classes before they take a dumb bell to some kid hmm?



Hypercritical? Now now…try not to get so emotional. Try reading the post again;

If you weren’t perhaps, knee-jerking, then you might recognise a dilemma here. Why is it, for this poster, ‘all the kids blur into one’?

Is it the kids fault?

On the contrary: if you haven’t ever worked in a school, let alone an inner city school then you won’t have a clue about the systemic pressures of the institution on a teacher. If society and it’s dysfunctional culture didn’t propagate league tables; performance and pressures for a teacher, that a teacher starts to become so dehumanised, at the risk of becoming inhumane towards the little numbers his kids blur into… It’s not like a lot of kids want to be at school in case you didn’t realise. Society makes it compulsory for them. And for deprived children, whose parents didn’t go to school; or don’t value education - why, you might ask, is the point for kids like this?

A kid may be deprived; whatever judgements you wish to make about someone’s parents who you don’t know, are as flawed as the knee jerk reaction that screams hysterically to bring back the whip, the torture chamber or the guillotine. Your backward parenting methods, translated into general principles for modern children, are really …backward.

And that’s sweet talk :slight_smile:


O.K. Fine. Thanks.

Big Red S (02/06/2010)

Always found that yelling at someone to ‘Shut it and sit down’ normally works. Shockingly enough yelling at people seems to work, because god knows a 16-year-old with no discipline at home is not going to be quiet and sit down if you ask him to in a low voice, or say please. God no. He’s going to do as he wants because he doesn’t give a t0ss.

I’m tired of people assuming that what kids need are ‘coping strategies’ and ‘an attentive ear’. P1ss off, they need a good telling off, and if possible a right good beasting, not some happy-clappy bs. And I know what I’m talking about because I spend at least 4 hours a week with a bunch of teenagers, some of whom were incredibly lazy and boisterous before they joined cadets, then realised what discipline was and are now succeeding very well.

(PS: Sorry, this stuff always gets on my nerves)


“Your son/daughter needs to be soundly beaten until discipline becomes apparent.”

“Your son/daughter needs to be told to sit down and shut the **** up.”

“If your son/daughter gets their intelligence and attitude from you, then I am recommending that you all commit suicide for the benefit of society.”

How is that for a start? :smiley:

Some interesting points but let me please relay a true story - from about 3 months ago.

I am in the sarnie shop at dinner time queueing up when I notice a parent with a uniformed 4 year old…without letting on I teach at the school I ask the parent how she finds the school.

“It’s sh*t innit, **** kids, **** teachers, don’t teach 'em nuffink - am trying to get Mercedes (ok, made the name up) to a different school but they won’t take her”

Meanwhile Mercedes was licking from the bottom of the glass counter all the way to the top, while mum never said a word :w00t:

To be fair, 95% of our parents are really decent hardworking people, but there’s a few that do leave you shaking your head at times.