Anyone want Take That tickets Wednesday 1st July

Was going to take the missus and now cant get time off and dont want them to go to waste.

Any offers condsidered upwards of £85 for the pair if possible.

You got pm :slight_smile:

Tug just lurves Take That :smiley:

Sorry lads and lasses

The tickets went a couple of hours ago, PM’s sent.

They did go to a LB member who shall remain nameless.

Enjoy the concert tug, hope you manage to get your y-fronts signed like the last concert:D

Thing is Danny, you’d probbably struggle to get one of the band members sig’s on his Y fronts now, he has started to waste away a bit since he’s turned 50, started smelling of p*ss to :wink:

Thats a bit harsh dont you think:laugh:

but fair…