Anyone want some indicators?

I’ve got a pair of microdiamond indicators that apparently fit any bike and yet don’t fit my SRAD. Still in the packet, so if anyone wants them for a tenner then let me know.

How much for you to fit them?

Fitting comes as standard assuming tea is provided :smiley:

what else can I get except indicators??

why dont they fit your srad?

Depends what else you need???

I don’t know why they don’t fit…but the don’t and it’s damned annoying…it’s the connection point thing that’s cocked it all up. Anyway, I’ll have to get rid of them…will bring them to BM tomorrow if anyone wants them.

thought that was wot you were gonna say

this is wot you need:

or just cut connector off wiring and put on some bullet females on.

Choprocker (28/07/2009)

thought that was wot you were gonna saythis is wot you need:[/quote] Because I’m predictably slightly stupid and thus didn’t think to do that! Good plan batman :smiley:

MissVanda (28/07/2009)

no worries robin or batgirl wotever 1 you want to be, lol.