Anyone want some free stuff?

1 x Oxford Micro Indicator (1 indicator fully boxed and universally fitting).

5 x House light bulbs (screw in type).

1 x Superbike School promo DVD

If the house light bulbs are the small screw in ones I could use them.

Mate, I’ll take that Superbike School DVD off you…I’m currently writing a review of Ron Haslem’s Track thingy from Donny…it would be good for comparison purposes…NExt week at BMM drink for DVD exchange?


I’ll take the micro indicator - as spare for mine!

Ta, again either Sunday ride out or another meet up to be arranged


Ok Toby and Killer…They’re yours.

The light bulbs are normal size 100 watt types

Still available then as my chandalier takes the small ones

Mate, they’re standard bulb size…You know…Well, smaller than this