Anyone want some cash work tomorrow??

7am until 10am and then Midday until 2.00

I need someone to go round checking on staff at stations,making sure they are wearing there right uniform and handing out the magazines or leaflets in a quick and friendly manner.

This will suit someone with a motorbike or cycle as all the stations are in zone 1. We are offering £10 per hour or £50 for the whole lot paid cash.

If anyone is interested please call cat on 07787787905

You need to have a camera to take pictures of the staff while they are working and send them over to us afterwards. We expect you to report to us if staff are not doing there job correctly and to visit at least i new location every 15 mins as a minimum.

We normally have Superoli do this sort of stuff for us but myself and him are working all the way through until 7am tomorrow morning and it would not be safe for him to then jump on a bike and ride round london.

Haa I wish I wasn’t in work. Sounds like good fun. Bit of reconaissance. Bit of training for my future :smiley:

im free, whats the locations, i have a galaxy tab phone that has an awesome camera

Hi mate give cat a call its all central london liverpool street, bank, embankment, london bridge etc.

Ok been told she now has it half sorted.