Anyone want a tree trunk?

Where I live a 5ft by 1ft trunk from a dead tree has fallen over, anyone with a open fire or wood burning stove want to cut it up and burn it?

Collect from Watford.

My parents have an open fire and are always on the look out for firewood however I am unable to take it off your hands as I can barely fit a few bags of shopping in my car let alone a 5ft tree trunk!! :frowning:

Some of the characters on here might

oh yes, how has it been seasoned Kev ? We are a very particular bunch on here…

Would it be suitable for a OAP
My mum needs a new pet
Is it house trained ,had all its injections
And how much does it eat a week

You offering people your wood :wink:

Whose land is the tree on :wink:

Partly mine. :slight_smile:

The gardeners aren’t interested and I told the president of the resident association that I’d find out if anyone wanted to burn the sucker.

Funny world. I just paid someone to fell a small diseased oak (40 ft ish) for me.

He gave me a price for the work but when I mentioned I’d dispose of the trunk to a friend with a wood burner, the price went up.

That trunk appears to be worth about £40 once sectioned and split.