Anyone want a car?


Yours for a Mars bar.
It’s time for my trusty steed to go to a new home, it’s got a lot of character but somewhat reliable…

Good points:

  • tow bar
  • last year’s mot tester said underneath was “in surprisingly good condition”
  • custom paint job (with top quality line paint)
  • electric window

Quirks (not so good bits)

  • will need a new rear shock for the mot (~£30 and 45min, doesn’t need spring compressors)
  • burns oil and oil leak
  • front passenger window is the only one that works
  • lock barrels broken in doors (but central locking and ignition work)
  • dodgy connection on starter solenoid, wants poking to start every so often
  • cuts out if you go through big puddles too quickly
  • a bit rattley

1996 p reg VW golf MK3
1.6 petrol
170000 miles (ish)
Mot till Thursday
In St Alban’s, Hertfordshire.

All this for a Mars bar and updates on how his new life is going.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: this is wonderful Borris I love it. You’ve certainly got style mate :+1::+1::+1:


Tell me though, as not clear in the picture which one my mars bar will buy. I just see a pair of shitters?


If you don’t get any takers, I know it would pain you to do so but it has a scrap value. Probably a tank of fuel at least, maybe two tanks if we’re talking motorbikes.

If you do it before Thursday you won’t have to trailer it there.


You’re mad.


Brilliant! The St Albans set must love it when you park next to them at the supermarket.


I have the same problem with the Astra, its a 16 year old 100,000+ miler dog. Too many repairs required to get it through the next MOT (lambda sensor, gear linkage, headlamps etc) plus the hydraulic valve lifters are failing, engine has started to burn oil and a couple of minor leaks have ssurfaced which will only progress. Shame since at last years MOT it was more or less tickety boo.

The good news - Auto Break Scrap Car Recycling are offering £152 for it and they’ll come and collect too. Their terms are it must be a complete car on four wheels. From you’re point they’re in Colchester so may not want the run over to St Albans but there must be similar scrappers in Hertfordshire!



Here you go Scrap my car in St Albans


Sometimes, I wish I had a car like that. When I’m driving down a narrow road, with no space to give way to on coming traffic on my side of the road and a car in the opposite direction that does have spaces/places to give way to me, yet chooses not to do so. It’s usually someone in a big shiny expensive sports/suv type car, with a bully-like attitude to driving. In Boris’s car, I would not have any concern about giving way to avoid a scratch.


It’s great, everyone give way to you!


Reminds me of years ago, Crystal Palace Training ground is down the road from me. I was in a 15yr old pug 205 with a street value of £40 when it had a full tank of petrol.

Some tit no idea who as not a football fan, came screaming down the road in his shiny new Porsche was going to try to get me out the way until he realised the only loser would be him.


shedding is the way to go, I went down the luxobarge route.

Got a '04 Saab 9-5 Aero estate for £900, 130k miles. Heated front and rear seats, dual zone climate control, flappy paddle gearbox. I bought it for all the reasons above, but despite it financially not being worth much I still quite like it. So I actually find myself still driving round supermarket carparks making sure i’m not parked next to anyone with a carseat for example or a big scratch/dent down their (financed) car


I’ve got a rubbish car and a nice bike. I think I’ve got my priorities right :smile:


Went to the scrappie last night :frowning:

Was very sad, but paid for some panniers for the bike (£80)


Sad to see it go but £80 is a good result.


Outside my brother’s old place in Mill Hill were two cars that’d come face-to-face with no room to pass… a tatty old Peugeot 205 and a 1 yr old VW Touareg. Peugeot had come most of the way down the street but Touareg boy had turned into the street and was refusing to move. Cue a bit of verbal ping-pong and arrogant Touareg-boy telling Peugeot-boy to “bloody move your heap of junk out of my way”.
Peugeot boy happily obliged by flooring the accelerator, dumping the clutch, and ripping the full length of the Touareg. Off he went into the sunset, and the police who were on the scene within a minute couldn’t chase him as the Touareg was still hogging the middle of the road.
I was still smiling days later :slight_smile: