anyone wanna go to hertford with me

hi does anyone wanna meet me at the ace and then go to hertford with me to check my discs they are a breakers to i will pickup a fuel tap to my mechanics its called junction 25 mimram rd

Put your wets on mate, Its pi$$ing down in cheshunt atm:crazy:

it was raining in wycomb it has stopped now i will take your advise chunky thanx for that mate

Seems to have stopped here now at 11:00:)

the sun is out i think i will wear my leathers

Blue Sky here now…amazing:Wow:

chunky have a look at the messurements i made of the discs tell me what u think

replied on the other thread mate:)

Be very careful in herts mate its full of oddballs n fruitcakes lmao

So true Steve. I’m glad I’m right down south;):smiley:

cheers for the warning also i will wear my waterproofs afterall weather to unprodictable

Hopefully if you have left home you are in wets cos its peeing down again…lol