Anyone used quick start before?

Never used it, just wondered if it was any good for getting an engine to fire?


Used it on a car engine once but only because the mapping for the ecu was way off and the cold start enrichment was too weak. Not sure it’s a great idea on a regular basis.

I’ve used it on car engines, WD40 is just as good

Thanks, I’m just trying to get a bandit engine to start, its been standing since April. Turns over fine, but kills the battery before it fires.

Good luck mate:)

It works fine m8, if all ok with bike though ya should not need it.

Wd40? wtf, easy st is alchohol based so wont leave residue etc, can see wd 40 doing same.

I watched an RAC fella spray WD40 into the throttle bodies on my Audi years ago, worked a treat when i had probs with the cold starting.I’ve used it since, works a treat:cool:

triple checked all the connections, like I say the bastard turns over, plenty spark in the plugs.

Dont you know wd40 can fix everything and anything;)

I’m not sure about Banditos but do they have a fuel pump mate? Is that whirring when you switch the ignition on?

Nope, no fuel pump. And er… no whirring. Couple of loud bangs, first time I nearly shat myself.

It wouldn’t whirr if you don’t have a fuel pump:D

I presume the air filter box isn’t fitted?

Sometimes a petrol soaked rag held over the carb intake helps to richen up the initial mixture.

No the filters aren’t on. Is the rag method much the same as the quick start spray?

Yeah, kind of. It’s another method of richening up the vapour. The Quick Start/Easy Start/WD-40 method increases the octane of the mix.Pops and bangs are good:D

Have you rebuilt the engine or has it just been standing?

Just been standing, gave it a good clean tho’. I’ll give it a bash. Thanks.

I just wondered as its quite easy to get the timing out by 180 degrees :w00t:

Does it have a fuel filter?

yep, if you mean the one attached to the fuel tap - and its clean and clear.

Have you cleaned the carbs and/or drained the stale juice from the float bowls?

Yep and yep! I think the richer mix should work.