Anyone used one of these?

came across this on my search for toys for the bike.

They are so confident that it is going to work they allow you to use if for 30 days and if you notice no improvment they wll take it back.

So I’m seriously thinking about taking a puny on this one.

so in essence its a large capacitor …

that stores power and feeds it more cleaner …


Well I’ve read the description three times and I’m none the wiser.

What is it?

Ah that’s what it is.

Still none the wiser :hehe:

Hang on thou, doesnt the power go from the generator>battery>ignition ?

So in effect the battery is acting as the power buffer.

Where does this “magic booster” sit in the system ?

Oh dear, remember the add on electronic ignition modules you could buy for your car back in the late seventies and early eighties that were supposed to boost and smooth out ignition pulses to the plugs?? You don’t??? that’s coz you’re all too young!:smiley:
They didn’t work.

All these big car and motorcycle manufacturers who spend billions each year in research and development obviously know bugger all about vehicle electrical and ignition systems, can’t understand why they don’t fit these as standard, idiots!:wink:

Oh wait, are’nt they called regulators and rectifiers?:stuck_out_tongue:

Snake oil :slight_smile:

i would stay well clear mate, these things are a waste of money!

One of these??? :w00t:

lol, ok then I will not bother.

Oooooooo likes that I does.:w00t: