anyone up to anything 5/8/06


by 8 0 clock tonite i should be blind in my left eye…

Im planning on going to the meal…

what the hells going on flats…what did they say you have done to ya eye…I didnt think it was that serious…you being a right whinger and all …

did it come off the road surface…work injury ?..whats happened !!!

I have summin stuck in the surface of the eye and they couldnt get it out but i didnt like him pulling about in there its blurry as ****. see what its like tomorrow may have to forget the ace and do summin about cant do me assessment like this… it aint good Barroi

Get ya harris down to Moorfields mate…worlds leaders in sorting ya minces out !!!

I,ll come over there with ya if ya want !!

i dont know where it is as i keep saying, is it in marlyebone

They have one at ealing

Thats the Flagship one mate…Old Street…Bell me if you want a meet and I,ll show you where to go !

can you go to that curry place and only have some beers with you guys as it is next door to me but I dont like curry?

i wanted to go to the curry night but i dont know anyone…and you dont like curry!!!

if you want to ride here for the curry night i can offer secure parking for your bike at my place which is very close to the curry place. I’m sure you will get to know a lot of ppl from here while there.

same goes to anyone else who is going and wants to ride there. overnight parking is not a problem either.

Flats don’t waste your time at Ealing you will only be seen by the normal route in A&E and everytime I’ve been there have been referred up to Marylebone. Once there you don’t wait long and are sorted in no time, even with the toughest bits of filings they will get it out.

Flats did I see you at the Ace last night? Yellow bike yellow helmet?

Sorry to go off topic… hmmm curry yum

thanks Trinoo…can you give me your phone number and address by Private message…i would love to come down Salee

too late im off to Southend with the bald fella who dont like curry ! if i dont come back you know who was last with me hahahaha

if he can keep up with me that is !!

Flats, get yourself to Moorfields, very very good.

Whos the bald guy ???

so i could have been murdered and you wouldnt have known who i went off with…i better be a bit clearer next time eh!!

it was Ross …who posted this thread as he dont like curry…and not a murderer at all but good company …who could keep up with me!!!

Yeah that was me at the ace Friday if it was a yellow R1, should have come and said hello… always have a hand shake for a fellow LBer