anyone up for a sessioned trackday at brands indy (novice group)

anyone up for it? i will be in novice group

11th Feb with FE
24th Feb with MSV

Still too cold and still a slippy surface in Feb, for me! was on the track in the cage last week and it was like a skating rink:)

A few of us are doing April 14th, why not join us? :slight_smile:

Where you guys going in April?Gona Tinker with a zx6r bought and track it… be my first time on track so all new to me…

Brands Indy. With Foceused. See other post. :D:D

leaving UK in next few weeks max 2months. trying to squeeze more TDs in before I leave…

thats why i am so desperate :stuck_out_tongue:

let me know if anyone wants to go together. :wink:

I’ll definitely be up for some as soon as a slight thaw/dry patch. Seem to have been some dry bits in Feb so far … so touch wood.

cool, i will go on 24th Feb with MSV, let me know if you are going too.

i may end up not working that day so may go along

I have just booked in the novice group for the 24th.