Anyone up for a Remebrance Sunday ride?

Jetstream normally lead a ride to a gun and some silence somewhere, but their ZX is poorly so they’re not leading.

Is anyone up for a ride on Sunday morning? An O-ring mix-up means the Tiger’s pissing oil so I might be doing a marmablade and asking if anyone else wants to lead this (or leading on the WR…), but is there any interest or is it too cold nowadays?

EDIT: A plan:

Leave the Ace at 8:30, get to the museum before 11 and look at some aeroplanes in stony silence.

We can swing by Epping on the way if anyone wants to meet there, but wont unless you ask!

I would be up for this if I can get leave.

Not offering to lead it though I’m afraid.

No offence to other leaders, but I’m missing the Jets.  Maybe we all chip in to get the Minge mended? If the Jets decline our kind offer, then we know they’re not missing us :slight_smile:

Thank you - we are missing you all too. Minge will be fixed in due course but sadly not by Sunday

When did it ever get too cold?

Ah, looks like I’d better find somewhere to go, then! I’ll be on the WR, so this will neither be fast nor far, unless there’s another leader volunteered :slight_smile:

You can borrow the drz with sm wheels if you want

Am out of practice leading rides, but am interested in something for Sunday.

So whats happening?

This going ahead

Yeah, though I’ve not really found much of an event to go to so we’ll taker advantage of Duxford being free for the day.

Leave the Ace at 8:30, could swing by Epping tea hut on the way up if need be, assuming nobody minds following the tiger while it’s dripping oil on the cat.

Get to the museum before 11 and see what’s what. I know they’ve done things in the past to mark 11am, but it might just be a tannoy telling everyone to shut up…

if only they had some large guns they could fire

Whistles in remembrance of the WW1 signal but no bangs.

At 11am,
a two

minute silence
will be
observed across the museum, starting and
ending with a whistle
blast, in remembrance of the haunting
signal to go
‘over the top’ in the trenches during the First World

More here

Never been Duxford! so up for that…

Excellent! I think it’ll be a little expensive oil-wise for me to take the tiger, so I’ll almost certainly be on the WR now, knobblies and all. NT, presumably you’d rather meet at Epping than the Ace?

There’s an ELAM ride organised to Duxford too! Though I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it out on bike this Sunday…

I’ll meet you at Duxford

Ah, I guess that’s even closer! Cool. Unless anyone says otherwise, then, we’ll not necessarily pass Epping.

I was hoping for an Epping meet

I was hoping for an Epping meet brains_t
There's always one!

Cool, as long as we’re all aware that it’s Brains’ fault we’re beginning the day with half of the A406 :slight_smile:

Should be passing Epping at 9:10 or thereabouts, I’d have thought - how long does it normally take on a Sunday morning?