Anyone up for a Coffee ...........

In Frith Street (Bar Italia) ?

It’s turned into a dry night, I could stay in and wash my bike as I’m feeling wide awake or pop up town on a dirty minging bike to see the ladies walking by ?

Anyone up for it or am I Billy No mates ??

After the colossel amount of replies I got I’m now on the Vino instead !


on behalf of…well…me…sorry mate, I wasn’t online, but was up for a ride out when it started to dry…

Keep suggesting similar and I’m sure we’ll catch up eventually!

Good vintage by the way?

Sorry mate am into the 6th can of Stella so wont be iding till Monday


Well, I had a sip of my wine and then thought bugger it (honest, it was only a sip, finishing it off now to see if it will knock me out). Went for a ride, been out for a good while and it was nice. Stopped off at Bar Italia and there was a few bikes there, recognised a couple of the guys and they were ‘London Bikers’ … hopeless at remembering names, sorry. Had a brief chat and then went for another ride … that midnight Bra walk / marathon … think it’s for Breast Cancer was on … so it was a very slow ride past many many many lovely ladies in their Bra’s and a few not so adventurous in their T-shirts.

Insominia … it’s a pain to spell and it’s a pain to have !!

insomnia…i was up all night trying to spell that…