Anyone up for a BCR tomorrow 1st July

As it says, usual time & place, go on you know you want to :satisfied:

Yeah why not, I can’t remember the last time I rode out to FF. See you at roundabout at 8.

I should be out too :slight_smile:

Yes yes yes

Where/What is BCR? :ermm:

Breakfast Club Run, to Finchingfield from city limits roundabout.

I could well be tempted if the bike’s not stalling on me … only 2,000 miles over its 12,000 mile service :-/

I’ve just did a oil change now because last time i used bike was over 6months ago and tbh can’t remember when was done. come out like coke, all topped up fresh now.
see you all in morning

Finished changing sprockets , ready for the road :cool: See You in the morning :slight_smile:

Was good to get out today and blow off the cobwebs and thats no lie, my bike was covered in spiders and snails:w00t: