Anyone up for a BCR this Sunday11th

Moto’s new ride …

My Harley at Highbeech …

The rest …

Matt getting jiggy with his XR …

That’s all folks :slight_smile:

Good pics, cheers Allan.

Yeah they are!:w00t:

All except this one. Who’s he?:alien:


Very nice Moto ! :cool:

I think he’s a friend of Rita’s. :hehe:

What my Rita’s? I’ll scratch his fuggin eyes out!:angry:

Yep, good man is Matt :slight_smile:

And here’s a pic of his XR in its natural habitat …

^^^ Essex lanes last year, or mebbe the year before.

Had a really good day, thanks George - t’was great fun chasing the litre machines round the slippery lanes. And I think I owe you an apology - seemed to give you a bit of a scare that time when I came past you and the car you were shadowing round a left hander while it was raining - gave myself a scare too when the back started sliding out, don’t know if you noticed!

Until next time :wink:

Lucky he’s big enough to pull it back out again!!! :slight_smile:

Tell me about it,nothing like being invisible in the queue when she only had eyes for you:kiss:

Mmm, I wasn’t impressed m8, I’m not sure if you had any margin for me making an error?:frowning: From my road position I was never gonna do a-live-saver to check if an anyone (read Allanj :wink: ) would overtake there. I was too close to the car I had lined up.

On the short straight between the right and the left (you took me on) you could see across the field that about 100ft of that the road was clear before it swings to the right out of view (after the left). I decided that if someone was coming from the opposite way doing the kind of speed that we might, they’d easily cover that 100ft before we’d be safely back on our side of the road. I’d have had the right a$$ if you’d have been creamed by someone coming the other way…I’d have had to ride over on the way to Haver Hill, and then ride over again on the way back!:stuck_out_tongue:

Part of the error was actually mine though.:blush: I was too keen to pick that car off before that sequence of corners. Having caught it at what I considered “too late” to get past in the wet at the right hander. I went looking to see if I could safely do what you then did. I knew it could not be done without compromising, what I deemed, safety, but I still had to go and take a look!:hehe: I decided it weren’t for me. You thought differently (different bike/riders/riding styles). Should I remember to pack my brave pills for next time!:w00t:


Erm nope - not really :blush: :blush:

As I recall it went like this: I had been following you for a little way while you were tucked behind that car; as we approached the left-hander I judged, by the way you were riding and your position and distance relative to the car, that you weren’t considering an overtake at that point - I judged that I just had time to squirt past so made my move. Shortly after I began the manoeuvre it seemed less of a good idea - you started to move out as I came alongside, which surprised us both, I gave it some more gas to get out of the way but the back started sliding - so didn’t get past as quickly as I’d hoped - meaning, as you said, that I’d have been picked off if any fast traffic happened to appear coming the other way. Yep, that was dumb. In the heat of the moment I made a snap decision based on scant data. I really must try not to do things like that :doze:

(Thinking about it I would not have begun to consider that manoeuvre if conditions had been dry - I’d have assumed that if it was clear for an overtake you’d be going for it and I would’ve kept my position behind you - it’s only because you’d been riding somewhat tentatively through the twisties, very understandably with it p’issing down and you aboard an R1, and I felt comfortable with a faster pace that I felt I had room to make that kind of decision. I’ve not really been in that position before - I’ll know what not to do next time!)

I’m acutely aware that if I f’uck up while doing that kind of thing the chances are that carnage would ensue and others will get injured, or worse. You’ve already been witness to me being involved in a near miss - the first BCR I went on when I was riding Helen’s old Hornet - passed you and Raj on the Duc and overtook a car - misjudged the speed of an oncoming car which was travelling very rapidly indeed, and the driver was giving no quarter, and I just scraped through with millimetres to spare. If I’d arrived alongside that car 1/10 of a second later that would have been it - with a combined speed of I’d say well in excess of 160mph it doesn’t bear thinking about. F’uck that was bad.

Makes me wonder how my conduct is seen generally - I do tend to ride quite aggressively but I’ve always assumed that if I was being a menace I’d be told about it - but I suppose peeps prefer to stay friendly. Would you have said anything if I’d not mentioned it first?

Anyway, I’d hate this to result in me being discouraged from going on future BCRs, but wouldn’t be surprised really.

As for the brave pills, bring yours if you want George, but I think I’d best leave mine at home :wink:

I think another contributing factor is my earplugs. generally On my other bike I dont wear them. I had know Idea you were there untill I started to move to the right. You’re correct. I wasn’t going anywhere. I just needed to adjust my line to straighten the corner so I didn’t apex across the diesel line. I coudnt see that bit of the road as I was too close to the car for that to be visible and needed to stay out of ToD.

I dont certainly have a prob with your riding. You’re very competent. As I said, I didnt help myself by moving up to a pre-overtaking position when I knew it was highly unlikely to get an OT on a sportsbike in the wet through there.

From going into the right I was sucking-it-to-see (read p1ss poor planing). You OT really was never a prob, it caught me out. I was thinking that if I’d have done summit silly, had you added that to your planning? Thats what I wasnt impressed about;) You taking the overtake, as you said, was your safety. You’d nipped by me cleanly enough. May be a lesson for us all is to consider a toot on the horn for us ol’deaf riders:D

May be cause I was waiting for things to open up I nodded off!:smiley:

D’you know it never occurred to me that you’d be unaware of my presence, your bike having proper mirrors an all :PI agree a toot of the horn would have helped, and that thought occurred as soon as I’d passed you - but had it occurred to me in time I wouldn’t have done the OT anyway - coz by the time I’d located the effing button the window of opportunity would have been long gone!

As for my being prepared for you to do “summat silly” - well of course I haven’t ridden with you that often but I’ve spent enough time in your wake to form the impression that you know what you’re doing - summat silly is simply not what I’d expect of you. But you’re right, it’s poor practice not to take that sort of thing into account no matter who you are riding with. Always expect the unexpected, as they say.

Lesson learnt :wink: