Anyone up for a BCR this Sunday11th

As it says, so who’s up for it?

Hello… don’t mean to sound dumb!! Where is BCR?

Breakfast Club Run,run from Collier Row out to Finchingfield for Breakfast via nice roads,B1057 to help your food go down afterwards:D and then back towards Ongar and Abridge for a controlled dispersal:w00t:

Plus the girls in the cafe have nice Essex accents if that’s your thing.

They’re from East London!:smiley:

Me pleasey! (sorry’bout the other thread!:blush:)

Ahhhhh thank you for the clarification!!! I take it that the ride would be considered a short one then? 3hrs?

Do you still want to leave at 08:00?

I’m working on a cunning plan to get there:D

Be good to see you.

Oh & Pogie’s coming out as well, but he’s having trouble posting.

Sounds interesting!! See how I feel in the morning.

I do!:slight_smile:

Woo woo, your BCR need you!

Hope you all had a good hack! I so badly wanted to get out on the lanes. It was my turn to baby sit!!

Another good BCR,with a few interesting moments:w00t: Moto brought his new wheels,very nice:D

First ones to Bosworths again,must have been the light drizzle putting people off!!!

Everyone else is prolly still in the bushes at the back of Stansted!:hehe: I called back the guy from the Highways to find out what he’s done. Bgguer-all is the answer. He said the road feels greasy to the touch and he’ll report it tomo!:angry: I explained that I’d expected some temporary signs to go out. He feels its not ness? So if anyone has binned there bike elsewhere today I would go drag some plastic on the road there and then sue the council!

Good fun today. Better when it dried out! :w00t:

Why thankyou. :slight_smile:

It was agood day as already said, except for the rain. Going to have to clean the bike now.

Oh & Allan, if you’d had a proper look for your glove & not an old mans half hearted look, then you might have found it.

Funnily enough I thought I’d go home that way. :heh

Praise be to St Jim :)I reckon this sums up the day …

More pics to follow, when I get round to it.

It was a pleasure to meet this guy!:cool:

Looks like I missed good BCR, hope to see you soon guys :wink: