Anyone tried MotoGymnkhana?

As many of you know, on Sunday the first ever Motofest was held at Bexhill.

Although we were there, we also sponsored the MotoGymnkhana event which is run and owned in the UK by an old buddy of mine, Duncan MacKillop who brought the idea over from Japan.

If you have never tried it, worth having a go if you ever see them at an event as it is a real test of bike handling skills but with a big grin factor.

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I saw the team at Donnington last September (BSH custom meet).

Certainly very impressive…

I already done my cbt ages ago riding round cones :smiley:

Much more impressive:

That should totally be the CBT requirement. Just think if all those L platers had decent control skills!

Everyone is getting into to it now. :slight_smile:

Gazaragi organized a go at Motogymkhana a year or 2 ago for a group of us.

It looks like just a bunch of CBT cones, but is a surprisingly good challenge to do well at, and pretty cheap compared to most motorbike days out. I recommend :slight_smile: