Anyone tried Gore-Tex socks with non-waterproof boots?

Anyone tried Gore-Tex socks with non-waterproof boots?

Just bought a nice new pair of boots that sadly aren’t waterproof…
Thinking about some potential solutions to this and I’m not so keen on the giant waterproof outer sock thing…


Mark (Bikerboy) was on about SealSkinz socks being the winning formula when we were all getting soaked coming back from Wales. Might be worth a look on ebay, in fact I’ll do that now!

I’d be interested in this too since I’ve just bought some TCX Competizione RS’…

might be worth a shout

I am a seal-skins fan :slight_smile: Would recommend them 100%

Work very well and are worn over thin socks - you still know you are drenched as your boots squelch (as well as water in pockets, hands wet etc) but your feet are dry - breathable as well

Have been drenched for about 10 hours constant out and about and water just starting to get feet wet.

From experience do not dry them on a radiator :doze:

With water surrounding the sock in the boot and wind effect you still get cold feet.

I think I have thick mid length ones

+1 for SealSkinz…

Have the long version and they are superb…dry very quickly too…:smiley:

No…that’s an advert…not me :wink:



Heh, heh, you too could walk on water :smiley:

+1 for Seal Skinz

I’ve had mine a few years, and they’re quite thick tho (at least as thick as two pairs of normal socks).

Not sure if they’ve made them thinner recently, but worth consideration if your boots are quite tight?

Just ordered some SealSkinz from here

However my mate reckons that once the boots become wet the waterproof membrane will stop being breathable leading to serious foot sweat

Will report back once I’ve tried them out!

Me too, all for sealskin socks, they work a treat!

Weird you can feel your boots are heavy, loaded with water and as you take them off you expect the soggy tootsie wrinkled skin syndrome but they are bone dry :smiley:

Well worth the £28 a pair! Hard to get in local shops but the outdoor shop in Amersham sells them.

tesco bags work aswell

+1 on the carrier bags

sealskinz are waterproof but not very breathable so walkers aren’t keen on them, They work well in keeping your feet dry if they’re not sweating properly (like when they’re on a bike)

If you’re after a budget version try subway plastic bags, they’re a universal foot size and free. Pack up small and easily replaceable

I used Sealskinz on the RBLR 1000 miler, 17 hours of torrential rain and bone dry feet. :smiley: (Thanks to Bikerboys recommendations) :slight_smile: