anyone tried filterdot oil filter magnets?

Just ran across this on youtube… the filterdot seems like a really simple and logical concept, being sold way overpriced… but it sounds kinda useful. I suppose it’s not really a problem if you change your oil regularly, but even then, its good to pick up metal chips until the next oil change right?

Has anyone actually tried this product? I was thinking of maybe using a tankbag magnet as a DIY filterdot, or is that a bad idea?

thats what the magnet on the drain plug is for, if you havent got one then you may be able to buy a replacement with a magnetic core.

Agreed. Its just a powerfull magnet, nothing magic.

If your filter is doing its’ job the stuff will be stopped by the filter and/or be picked up by the drain plug.

This magnetic stuff assumes the free metal bits are magnetic. Most bearing metals and miscellaneous engine dross are not, so almost complete borrocks.


No substitute for regular oil and filter changes:cool:

I got a free magnetic sump plug with my oilfilter, so it will go in on 4500 miles… I change the oil every 6000 miles as per schedule and it is fine. Never bothered with anything other than OEM filters as as mentioned, the internals are not always magnetic, so why bother…