Anyone Tossing today ?

It’s Pancake day ennit

I toss daily, but got someone else tossing my batter for me tonight

Grimbusa is the ‘t*sser’ in our house

But in answer to your question yes we are having pancakes

Already had some at lunch time. Mine were filled with ice cream, cinnamon & maple syrup … delicious!!

My kids are moaning that we havent done any pancakes today, but today i misses worked so shell do it tomorrow.

Oi JP, wots wrong with you doing it for your kids, I think they done you dinner the other day, besides I’m sure your a bit of a ******

I`ll make it with them tomorrow when they back from school.

We just had our canpakes…well thats what our 5 yr old called em!! Its also my daughters 9th birthday, so we had to make them for her!!

Absolutely! Foxy made some, and then I made a couple (big deal for me!). Mmmmmm want some more!

So, toppings? Lemon and honey for me, or syrup… Foxy had Nutella, smelt GREAT!

oh im knackered ive been tossing all evening! ha ha pmsl, ooh debz, get grim to toss ya some more…

Westie, shame you should have taken some pictures of you tossing, to show us how it`s done.

Too much to*sing makes you go blind no wonder you wear specs

Had apricot jam and cream on mine…yummy

You guys should have given me a little lead time…I’d have ordered some REAL pancake toppings and had it shipped over to you.

NOTHING is better on a stack of hot pancakes than real maple syrup…right out of the tree and boiled on site…it’s a cottage industry in the part of New Hampshire that I grew up in.

Well mate I decided that one day a year I should lay off from tossing, after great deliberation I unanimously decided that the girls of ace cafe could toss for me…they did and must say not bad overall…but not the same as when you do it yourself lol

yes to that !!! we had pancakes!!! loads of them and i was helped by 2 lovely kids!!!

Yummy i forgot it was that day, have you tried wrapping a pancake around a kitkat chunky it is extremley bad for you, but , man what a chocolate fix