Anyone taken their Michelin PP 2CTs in yet?

Has anyone had their tyres replaced under the Michelin recall?

Just wonderiing do you just go back to the garage that fitted 'em.

EDIT: It affects standard PPs aswell

I called Michelin what seems like ages ago and they are supposed to be calling/writing to me to tell me when to go and get it changed at the garage i chose.

yup…stilll waiting on the ‘magic’ letter

same here, i was told it would take a month or two arrrghhh

seeming as i cnt be btherd to treck throught the url ,

y are they recalled??

• Because customer safety is its primary concern, and as a precautionary measure, Michelin asks any rider with front tyres 120/70 ZR17 Pilot Power 2CT and 120/70 ZR17 Pilot Power Made in France* to call the following numbers: from the UK:0800 454 774 to arrange for a free of charge replacement, whatever the wear on the tyre. • Examination has revealed that some of these tyres may have a tread defect. • This defect can sometimes be observed after periods of riding at very high speed on roads or highways. • None of these tyres have suffered a loss in pressure and no accidents have occurred.** • The front tyres concerned 120/70 ZR 17 Michelin Power 2CT and Michelin Pilot Power can be identified by the following sidewall markings: • “Made in France”
DOT 6UCW 980T or DOT 6UCW 979T. • This precautionary measure is part of the Michelin’s Group commitment to road safety. *Visible on the tyre’s sidewall
** True on the first day of the recall campaign

well, there u go,


twas nothing hun, i just clicked the link, copy and paste, bobs your uncle and fannies your aunt and there you have it

its a shame, i dnt have a pair of these tyres cus then i could have actually put this thread to use…

at least i know nt go out and a buy a set!

FFS…So you can’t just go into your tyre fitter to get the new boots put on?

I’ve got a trackday to go to

you got to chase them up…they aren’t very helpful but i know people who have had there’s done.

Thanks for posting this up, I got the recalled front as well, Great! Not!. More **** to sort out.
At least the weathers crap, so its stopping me going out. Tried to phone then but there always busy!!
Thanks again for the post!!!
Well done LB members