anyone still think we should take the softly softly approach on people?

The kid needs putting to sleep …

eye for an eye simples

Dreadful. There are so many questions in a situation like this. He was not declared mentally ill…but I struggle to see how that can be the case? Perhaps it hinges upon the definition of ‘mentally ill’, but surely unless there were horrendously awful extenuating circumstances (i.e. many years of serious abuse) then how could he contemplate violence against an innocent person and not have some sort of mental instability, particularly to the extent here.

Not really sure on what the thread title is about to be honest, perhaps you could explain further?

As to the case, I agree with Drunk Knight, the failure to diagnose a mental illness does not explain the abnormality that would bring a person to do that sort of thing.

i dont have 5 days of my life to waste arguing with you kaos if im honest

I really never see the point of this whole…’ tough would solve all our problems approach’.

Surely the whole reason we moved away from the tough approach was because it DIDN’T work! Enough with the medieval approach to justice…

This kid clearly has issues, and not ones that any time in prison, beating or harser penalty are going to cure… But as a society rather than look at a problem and try and find the hard reasons behind it, we always go for the easy option of ‘lock em up’…

easy option wouldn’t be ‘locking up’, but sending six feet under :wink:

Firstly, yes you do have 5 days to waste, or why post up a provocative thread to garner responses? If you had something better to be doing, you would be doing it and not posting up threads.

Secondly, your thread title has no corresponding relation to the content of your post which is why it requires explanation.

ok, ok im sucked in…

i dont think the answer is to lock them up

neither do i think the answer is to beat them black and blue.

i think a big part of the problem is lack of respect for authority, and lack of discipline allowed in schools etc.

your not allowed to shout at someone nowadays without someone telling you its against their human rights

a teacher isnt even allowed to pick up an injured child for fear someone will try and sue them, how the hell are kids supposed to groe up knowing whats right and wrong? theyre brought up knowing that they can say and do what they like, and no adults can do anything about it

they are growing up spending their days watching horror movies, and playing games that look like they were filmed live in a warzone

and kaos, its not that i have days to waste, lets face it, i do not spend as much time as you do on research before you type something

it was a shocking story, simple as that

plus, i was getting bored seeing your response on the other thread, and knew you wouldnt be able to resist this one


if prison time wont fix him then end him. dont wanna spend my councilk tax on a lost cause… got enough of that already :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry but for those who think that killing someone is the solution, please don’t even entertain that idea. Unless of course you get a kick out of killing people, because would you want to do it?

Killing a person is never a good thing… we spend so much money killing people in illegal wars, why not try and spend some money to help people?

Ultimately we are all part of the same society - this kid was not born that way, he was moulded that way by our society.

Jeez if we’ve come to debate whether a 15 year old should be put down, I really despair at the human race…

you got a point Alex, killing is never a good thing…but this boy killed his own mother, how much worse can it get?

has he got any brothers or sisters? not sure he’ll be walking this earth for long if he does…:unsure:

I don’t agree that corporal punishment is something we should do. The corresponding crimes between the time we had it and the time we don’t, I don’t believe is any different. Horrific crimes have been committed through-out history by adults and children, corporal or capital punishment doesn’t seem to change that fact.

“a teacher isnt even allowed to pick up an injured child for fear someone will try and sue them”

For the record, this isn’t true. We have something in English law which protects those that attempt to come to the aid of others from being sued for the injuries suffered by the person in distress, unless there are peculiar facts such as gross negligence resulting in further serious injuries. Even then, it is very difficult to bring such a case because the “unskilled” are protected in law in so far as their duty of care goes.

What this means is that if I stopped to help you in an accident and made things slightly worse, I would not be open to any claims against me. If I were a paramedic and did exactly the same thing and made things slightly worse, I could be open to claims of negligence, as the duty of care that I have as a paramedic would be higher than that of the ordinary person with no medical training.

For the record, we also have in law a duty of care imposed on teachers towards pupils, a failure to act could result in a successful claim for negligence against them. Which is odd because in English law there is no requirement to act. If I see a person drowning there is nothing in law that requires me to do anything, not even call the police. I can walk off down the road and there is no legal remedy.

I understand the confusion, what the media reports and what the reality is aren’t always similar, and I put this information here so you can know what the reality is.

Millions of people, including children play computer games and watch horror movies, the VAST majority of them do no act on those movies or video games.

Watch from about 2mins on, just need to watch the bit with the Doctors. You know the best line from it was this (paraphrased):

“People go to the homes of those guilty of these of these crimes and they say…oh we found an Xbox or we found Grand Theft Auto 4…but you probably also found Crest Toothpaste and twinkies, because these are common things.”

Penn: “Yet oddly enough no one is blaming the fucking toothpaste!”

As I said above, violent crime, even from children, has been around a lot longer than movies and video games. These are not a reason for the crimes.

you should form your own encyclopedia

the kaos encyclopedia

i bet you wont even see the irony in that…

I like these debates, they are stimulating.

I also like sharing the knowledge I have, because it is a good way to better understand that knowledge.

Try explaining something you know to someone, the moment you try to do it, what you know easily becomes difficult to express and you need to order your thoughts correctly to get the information across in a meaningful way.

i agree you definately need practice :smiley:

There are various ways to help people.
removing dangerous people permanently is a functional method.

i think he got a kick out of killing someone…