Anyone still riding for fun now it is getting colder?

Did 184 miles yesterday

184 miles, eh? So is that the maximumdannyboy anyone’s done this weekend then?

That’s a really nice run - I’ll have to try that over the winter - did it a few times over the summer… I keep forgetting how many stunning roads are up here!

The weathers still great at the moment(thats put a curse on things now ) seven of us Yamaha xtx owners got out togethers on saturday for run on the roads through Rye /camber/hastings,empty roads and a nice breakfast in Rye ,left home at 10 in the morning got back at seven,one guy managed 300 miles in total

“one guy managed 300 miles in total”

Is that a record without a breakdown…? or 300 miles before an annoying umpa-lumpa stuck his cam-corder in his face?

It does seemed to have dropped ten degrees just with the clocks changing…

I ride in pretty much all weather’s if I need to… Given the choice I would rather not ride in the Ice but I have done, might get a bike with girly BHP for the winter

Oh yeah… 300 miles in 9 hours… 33.3333333mph average guys, sort it out lol

Yeap, I’ll be back out there as soon as I can sort another bike.

Wer will be waiting for your first ride out Andrea. Any news on your insurance payout?

10 deg c outside a problem? you’re having a giraffe mate

a few of just booked in for a track day for the end of november

10 deg c outside a problem? you’re having a giraffe mate

I wasn’t saying I don’t ride in this weather, the bike is my primary transport, just wondered how many people still go out just for the pleasure of riding. Sounds like quite a lot of us :slight_smile:

The weather at the moment is great - but that is more to do with the fact it is not wet than the temp. I’m hoping it lasts to the w/e…

Ok… this morning my hands REALLY hurt. Maybe it’s not quite as fun now