Anyone still riding for fun now it is getting colder?

I know lots of us will use our bikes all the way through the winter as a means of transport, but how many people will go out just to enjoy a ride?

When it’s just 10C out there is it still possible to really enjoy it?

After getting very cold last year, I’ve got some good winter kit, new boots and will be getting some heated grips very soon. I’m hoping to get some good rides in over the next few months.

You can have some great rides in the cold - even on the way to work - okay you’ve slowed down but I stil take a detour to work and it’s a great way to start the day. Good kit helps though!


I’ve been on fun rides on the snow, even!!.. ask around, lol or check my vids

yes we’ve all seen you wobbling around in the dry capt we don’t need to see you in the snow!!! :wink:

I love the winter for fun rides - cold sunday mornings are great - especially when the sun is low in the sky and half way through your ride you find a nice warm transport cafe… ahh bliss!

Yup, but it’s not that cold yet. If I’ve got my thermal inner zipped into my jacket, and some thermal gloves on, I’m happy as pie When I’ve got that lot on, plus 3 t-shirts and whatever other layers I can fit under my jacket, THEN I’ll reconsider riding for pleasure

Hell yeah

Of course ! Dewey , misty Autumn mornings are the very best,… Ain’t you seen “Girl on a Motorcycle” … ( the film?)

Weekends weather has been awesome just need to allow longer for tyres to warm up!

i had a great ride into west hampstead from enfield,couple of drag races of the lights,had a bit of a play on some twisty roads with hardly and traffic on them around the back roads of hampstead.pulled 3 wheelies so all in all a good morning.i have started to get my eye back in after my crash now

Yep! Most defo.

I love my bike and it sulks when I don’t ride it. I even found myself perving at textile jackets at the show on Friday… to get ready for the onslaught of cold winter night riding. BRING IT ON.

LF x

When I woke up and saw the sunshine yesterday I went for a little spin-120 miles later I got back home.

Really enjoyed it but must get myself some warmer gloves and work out where the draft is coming from in my jacket.

Good for you, I do mad riding like that all the time. PM me if you fancy a riding buddy next time :slight_smile:

Quote: I’ve been on fun rides on the snow, even!!.. ask around, lol or check my vidsyes we’ve all seen you wobbling around in the dry capt we don’t need to see you in the snow!!! :wink:


I was out yesterday and it was lovely…

I actually prefer riding when it’s a little nippy

Yesterday was awesome weather

Thanks lustfish, I will let you know.

If you wear the right gear then then you dont feel the cold…

I love riding on cold and sunny winters days as all the posers put their bikes away so less chance of one of them coming up behind me at the lights giving it large , but i dont do the winter rain if i can help it, but once the frost on the road has melted wrap up warm and get out there…

Only to the limit of my meagre cold weather gear.

But not so much for fun. too many slidey roads (and I’ve come a cropper on such a road once already) and too much filth and bike-eating salt for most of this period.

I’d rather ride in the cold than the wet any day of the week. Good kit, heated grips, and newspaper shoved up me front and I’m ready for owt.

Yesterday, after watching the GP, I did a “dannyboy” and went for a blast up to Aylesbury where I picked up the A413 Aylesbury to Towcester road. What a road, very high speed in parts, not that many junctions, but it does have some very deceptive bends (which kinda accounts for the high level of accidents, many fatal).

About 110-mile round trip for me. Last half of return journey was in the dark and it was cold enough to warrant activating the hot grips to keep my pinkies warm - summer gloves give great feel but not cosy enough for me in the cold.

I like it MaxRevs, from now on any person doing a spontanoues ride of a set milage will be doing a “dannyboy”

I wonder how I get that added to the oxford dictionary?