Anyone selling a 125?

So im looking for a 125
It must be:
Within £1100
Not a chopper style
Be in decent condition
Suitable for tall riders im 6’3
Let me know if you have anything pr know someone who has something.

Never mind. Just lost my job :frowning: so now i only have about 400 to spend on a bike but it still has to be manual cause of my insurance! Lookslike ill be after a cheap shitty chinese bike for now!

Sorry, couldn’t help but chuckle. 47 minutes ago - will buy a bike, 2 minutes ago - ignore it, just lost my job :smiley:

I lost my job too on Friday, however, I’m rather excited about the fact. No more work for the next few months! Woohoo!

Lol yeah no job is fun but no miney aint fun :smiley:

its that time of year. i lost my job and got nocked off my bike too…merry christmas…from scroogicous

Tatad mes trijata pasejam darbu? :smiley:

هاها الذي جعلك تستخدم جوجل ترجمة

How did you lose your job?

Well they called me and said that they dont need me anymore. Because the gym isnt as busy anymore and im just not needed anymore.

I’ve only ever been fired from one job and that was more a mutual agreement than a firing. Every job I’ve ever left I’ve stayed good with the people there.

Never hurts to let bridges stand is the best advice I can give you. Update your CV and go again.

Bummer I know but you’ll find something soon enough.

Didn’t you get a good few offers for weekend work on here?

Yeah although im a bit angry i stayed calm and polite and told them if they ever wanted me back i will be more than happy to come back.

Gonna update my cv and cover letter and give it out like leaflets everywhere :smiley:

Yeah ill have to check that again.

Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:

tā alright par mani, man ir cits darbs sāk ātri, bet mans nabaga velosipēds joprojām gabalos brīdī. labs darbs man bija divi