Anyone seen these? Those who like getting the camera out on a ride

Looks handy, but wonder how good it really is?

Isn’t it just an expensive neck strap - which comes with the camera already… :crazy:

Not sure I would feel confident with the weight of my camera being held by just a clip. And if someone brushes you aside or you fall with it rigidly attached to you like that?

For that kind of accessibility I would go for a sling strap. That way it will still hang down by your side, but will surely give stronger support, and you get quicker access as you can just lift and shoot without releasing it from the clip first.

I have one of these, Lowepro jobby
it attaches to your belt or over your shoulder. It gives more protection and once the camera is out it is comfy.
They do loads of variations.

I also use a Lowpro toploader works well
I be concerned hanging an unprotected DSLR from a strap but it could be great

Ben (Johnny Bravo) uses something similar and rates it.

I like it, need something similar, although I think I prefer the ball and socket type, that looks like you have to be quite accurate when slotting it in, I need something I can use in the dark, quickly. that seems very secure though.

which ever you go for though its expensive!!! but then would you trust a £20 copy to hold a few grands worth of kit?

need to give it a try, thanks ASBO

he uses the spiderpro. proper pricey but 2nd hand ones come on ebay for cheap sometimes

Nice one! I thought it was called something like that but all I could think of was this :slight_smile:

might go for this, I already use the wrist strap.

bit cheaper, but seems less versatile

That looks good, the first one that is.

Thanks for sharing