Anyone seen my mojo

Since I’ve ridden bikes I’ve never not enjoyed a ride.

Since moving haven’t ridden and had a day off today and the weathers great up north, but for some reason I just didn’t enjoy it despite looking forward to it.

Sat eating lunch at the halfway point and can’t put my finger on it. Didn’t feel at ease on the road and realistically I don’t ride that often now so I’m wondering do I get rid of the road bike and get something for green laning or get a project and build that or do I buy a different road bike :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:

Might head to NEC in a few weeks and see if anything stirs the loins and then go from there


Were you familiar with the route?

Did you feel you were being cautious due to road / weather conditions?

Did anything happen early on to put you on guard?

At the end of the day if you ride for fun and it is no longer fun why carry on?

I would defo say don’t push the ride if you’re not feeling it, but I know you’ve got a sensible head on your shoulders.
There are definitely days when I go out and don’t feel the vibe, I’m fortunate I’ve got a couple of bikes to choose from which are different and greenlaning is a good alternative to just road riding. I makes me concentrate a lot more and at slower speeds. Still hurts falling off but if you want a bimble into the countryside for lunch and exploring B & C roads is fun than just smashing around on a road bike.

I went through a low-point a few years ago, Curtis. I didn’t have the motivation to get on a bike. Almost quit. I had some time out and the passion and drive came back. I’m now back up to three bikes and look forward to riding them :slight_smile: Sometimes we need a break I guess. Nothing wrong with it. Doesn’t mean you’re not a biker anymore.


The ride back was a bit better, sun was behind, I’d eaten and wasn’t pushing as hard and roads nicer, warmer so maybe it was just a mix of things but still didn’t feel buzzing but then when I come to think of it I don’t think I’ve ever taken the SV out for a proper blast it’s only ever been my city commuter and we all know they’re not the best bikes for blasting through the lanes