anyone running Supercorsa's this winter?

Just a quick one folks,

Is there any other nutters on the forum communting in this weather with the bike rolling on Pirelli Supercorsa’s?? :smiley:
As most know, they’re about as close to a race slick that are road legal… its not advised!! :w00t:

Anyway, what tyres pressure’s are you running??
I need all the grip available, even if its a losing battle.

Ride sensibly people


lol im running them on my sv650 ive got 28 front and 30 rear no problems so far

racetecs on the zx10 :smiley: fine for me :slight_smile:

I ran Supercorsa Pro’s on a gixxer 750 through the winter a few years back, and it didn’t matter what pressures I used they were utterly shite.They were cheap, though, and had been fantastic in the summer :slight_smile:

Qualifier RR’s

Taking it easy! :smiley:

I ran Supercorsas every winter! I guess I ran them very slowly in winter too :slight_smile:

This year it’s Pirelli Diablo Corsa IIIs. I’m so used to the Supercorsas that the PDCIIIs feel worse. I might try lowering
my pressures down to 32R 34F. Certainly never ran as low as 28/30…wow…that’s incredibly low. Just reading those values makes me gulp.

I’m running Avon VP2 Extreme’s, which are the same as Supercorsa’s. No problems here! I’m running 27/28 psi. Just need to give it some beans to warm them up and they’re great.

They don’t work on sheet ice though, but then neither did my boots.

I found out that I can probably travel around 2-5mph max on sheet ice.

It does hurt after a few metres tho’ :ermm:

Even my car doesn’t run as low as 27/28psi!

I got the bike and myself across the ice, very slowly, but the other day I walked out of my house and fell flat on my ass! It bloody hurt!

I have Racetecs on the Duc but seeing as she’s in the “shop” it makes no difference to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I was under the impression that if you ran lower pressures in your tyres then the tyre would move around more so causing the tyre to warm up quicker. A bit like BluTac, solid to start with but the more you roll it around the softer and stickier it got. Or have i just made that up :w00t: I think i am running 30/30 on mine anyway.

yes been there done that… bla bla…

but its more fun on 2cts :wink: wets on the motard work well :stuck_out_tongue: