anyone running dunlop gp racer d211's?? or d209's?

Currently running Bridgestone bt016 on my gsx-r 750, and now I know my rear tyre is near the end of its life, so I wanted to see whats on the market. It is a great tyre but wondering if there may be something better for me to try.

Read some good reviews of the Dunlop Sportmax GP Racer d209 tyres, but it would appear they have been discontinued and replaced with the d211’s. I hear good things from sellers but not found any user reviews. Does anyone here run these and can they comment on road and track performance etc?


I used Dunlops a few years back, never again. Used to spin up on my gsxr600, lasted well but had little grip.

were they the gp d209’s?? and was that in wet or dry?

Well the fastest Nurburgring bike lap was recently set on D211’s…:Whistling:

Down to the rider? :wink: