Anyone ride a CBF600 with centre stand? Picture?

Was riding along today and the main stand spring or springs fell out resulting in the stand dropping and grinding along the road!

The honda parts diagram isnt too helpful, so if anyone owns such a bike, could you possibly post a picture of the main stand and springs etc.

Im not sure whats missing and what i need to buy!

Any help would be great

Edit - Whats missing from these photos??

bump! i added pictures of the offending stand

wish i could help mate… might be worth having a look around town and see if you can find a cbf600… (should be easy enough with the ammount of couriers around) and take a pic.

or ring up a honda dealer

been on the lookout for a cbf since it happened and of course its sods law that they’re always around except when you need them to be!

will take it over to the dealers and try and figure out whats missing, hopefully it wont be too expensive :cool:

PM sent

Here are some from my old CBF500 hope it helps.


Kevsta beat me to it!

was just about to say that you are missing the spring in the middle (saw a CBF on the way to get lunch and took a photo)

Excellent, thanks so much guys! Not really sure how mine fell off, i thought the bolt that held the ‘hook’ on vibrated free… but its held on through spring tension.

Certainly made for an interesting experience, hmmm whats that knocking i can feel… hmmm seems to get worse leaning off vertical… oh shiiit those sparks cant be good :smiley:

It looks like you’re missing two springs and a pivot thing. I would imagine something snapped.

And the spring tension is surprising strong.

£14 for all the parts! Not too bad i guess. The parts man said i’d have fun fitting the springs, so im not looking forward to that with the basic tools i have with me at uni

he prob means that it will be difficult to pull the spring far enough for it to go on. :ermm:
ask Alex Gold (our inhouse strongman) for help :wink:

thanks again everyone. parts are on order. if i could find how to give rep, karma or whatever you use id give some out!

cookies works well :wink:

Use coins or washers to extend the spring otherwise you *will * not be able to stretch it.



ooh yes, good little trick! my dads got old tobacco tins full with pre cut random sizes for exactly that purpose

Kevsta |Good post. I thought I was the last man standing that knew that trick.

Added tip. Pack it slightly too long, hold it in place with a thumb (clear of the springy bit!) and pull the spacers out one by one with a pair of pliers.

It’s a bit like “bricking a camel”. No problem as long as you don’t get your thumbs in the way.

what a brilliant tip!! :wink:

finally got around to fitting the springs… so i stretched out the big spring, got that on no problems, now onto the smaller, less springy spring, should be eaaaasy im thinking…

manage fit the smaller spring inside the bigger one, now onto hooking it on… how on earth do you hook the small spring onto the ‘C’ hook?! i tried with pliers, screwdrivers, i swore at it… nothing!

so, how does one fit the inner spring?

also, the big spring seems to provide enough tension to keep it off the road, would i be stupid to ride with it half sprung?

You do the two together.

You might get away with just one spring but if the manufacturer spends, what, 20p on another spring, you can bet it’s there for a purpose.

I’d guess the stand will bob up and down on rough roads with just one, but if you can put up with the knocking noises fron the underside it’s probably your choice. Got to say one is a whole lot better than none.