Anyone recommend an airport taxi?

Am arriving at Stansted 27th around 11pm and instead of taking the train and then trying to get a cab at Liverpool St Stn (and still make it to bed early enough for a 5.30am wake-up call), I thought I’d get a cab to pick me up.

Can anybody recommend an airport taxi? How much do you think it’d be (Stansted to Chelsea)?

I’d say at least 50 to 60 quid Paivi, save the money and take the train !!

How about this, it might take away some of the stress and be cheaper than a taxi.

Nice pic Gixxerboy!

Who’d have thought that rough ol’ Welsh bit would have turned out so good eh?

How about what? Can’t see anything!

How about I pick you up?

I am off work for Christmas and broke…

I can cater most types of music, and my car doesn’t smell like the ones you get on the high street, at 3am, from the kebab take away…

But what if I like kebab takeaway smell? Do you have a spray you could use?

If you need the kebab smell then the deals off… kebab is only good when I am drunk…