Anyone recommend a good road orientated sports bike tyre?

Gonna renew tyres on my 7X7R - Can anyone recommend a good road orientated sports type tyre - e.g. a sporty tyre that works well across a range of temperatures rather than having to be at track type temps all of the time to get the best out of it.Would be nice if it’s relatively long lasting as well.

The only tyre I know really well is the Bridgestone BT010/020. I’ve used this tyre for years because of it’s longevity (for my commute on an SV1000) and because the tyre felt really good on the road - a lot of feedback and responsiveness. I remember reading an article in Bike magazine that said that sports touring tyres like the Bridgestone were actually superior (on the road) to a lot of sports specific type tyres - e.g. because they work well across a wider range of temps and conditions - the kind of stuff which you experience as a road rider. Maybe I should i just stick to the Bridgestones?Thanks for any suggestions. ;):slight_smile:

sid - im a MASSIVE supporter of Michelin Pilot Road 2’s

They are immensley grippy almost straight away… dual composite for durability… very responsive and have won the tests for grippiest tyre in the wet.

Got them on my CBR and so have 4 of my mates… all say the same thing - bloody brilliant.

Put it this way - when mine EVENTUALLY need changing i wont consider anything else.

I’ve heard MAXXIS are good, and not over priced either. I’m looking at putting them on when I need some new rubber anyway.

that is the one downside to Pilot Road 2s… Pricey.

But gotta ask why price has gone up… big demand for them… Demanded for a reason. Maxxis have an upcomming rep as well though i believe… so maybe they might be the new kid on the block priced lower to gain mkt share… i.e. not necessarily inferior.

Just letting you know the Road2s from Michellin are tried , tested and trusted by me and mates. Sure someone here might have tried Maxxis tho… so hold tight and see

i found the dunlop roadsmart very good on fazer thou.warm up quick,good side grip,very good in the wet and stable.duel compound so they seem to last well.they give very good FEEL from the back out of a bend on the power.i may even stick them on my r1,if i ever ride it again i liked them that much.not sure how well they would fare with a lot off heat in them like on a track day?

Thanks for the recommendations fellas - i’ll take a look at all of them - cheers. ;):slight_smile:

+1 just put a new set on, done 90 miles and they feel beeter than my old bridestones already

I’ve had them on my Sprint RS for 4500 miles. I can brake harder in the wet with these than I could with the Bridgestone 020’s. Only replaced the rear tyre as I got 3 screws in it, so having to run a Pirelli Diablo Strada which is not bad either. The Maxxis front tyre can cope with it as well and still gives me very good grip and feel, wet and dry weather. No chicken strips on my tyres now…

+1 for the maxxis very good tyre and so cheap as well had them on the 'bird and they were very confidence inspiring, only change to 021s for longer tyre life, will look to putting them on the CBR600 as they should last ages on a lighter bike :smiley:

you’ve seen the angles Pilot Road 2cts Allow, i think Pilot Power 2cts are better;)

i too am a massive fan of them, luverly wubber:D

If you are after high milage tyre and grip then may i reccomend the avon storm or av 45/46 got them on my zx12r and they last for ages and become sticky as hell on mine…


Superb tyre, decent price & you get the Avon puncture replacement guarantee too.

+1 on FWR too, but if you need somewhere local to you (IIRC you’re out Farnborough way) then I’ve used Roadwheel in Fleet - a few times in the past & they’re pretty good as well.

joezx12r (28/03/2009)

If you are after high milage tyre and grip then may i reccomend the avon storm or av 45/46 got them on my zx12r and they last for ages and become sticky as hell on mine…[/quote]Thanks Joe - I’ve heard they are very good.

I have to agree with you although I run Pilot Power 2CTs.

You’re right about the price though which will mean I’ll probably be reluctantly trying an alternative tyre (Maxxis most likely).

The last time I switched brands, I crashed. Yes, it was down to me not riding appropriately for the conditions (coldish wet day, too much lean), but I’m almost 100% convinced that 2CTs would have allowed me to enter that corner and come out upright :slight_smile:

That’s food for thought - will deffo check these out - and see if the wallet can take it! :smiley:

Sid Throttle (29/03/2009)

I’ve got an Avon Storm rear on my ZX9, and it’s pretty bloody marvellous.Been running Avon Vipers for the last year or so which are fantastic but don’t last.

Love my pilot power 2ct’s, on track great, wet roads never had a problem, done 3k on them still got a trackday left in them.

Only downer is price.

Just got a pair of these on the ZX6. Only scrubbed them in so far but they are doing Brands Indy on Tuesday so I’ll let you know Tom :slight_smile: Q

Cheers Q - await with interest. :wink: