Anyone recommend a driving school for DAS in Norf London?

Hey guys,

After much scootering I’m ready to ditch my “hairdryer” and move up to a more serious machine. Obviously, I need to get my DAS course sorted first.

Does anyone care to recommend a school around North London (Camden NW1) area? I’m looking for sound instructors, decent bikes and fair prices.

My apologies if this was already covered in some other thread - I couldn’t find it.

I did mine with Rex Judds in Edgware. They’ve got a shop in West Hampstead as well which is a bit closer to you in Camden.
Their instructors were top notch. They got me throught the test first time and we had a good laugh along the way!!

I can highly recomment elite motorcyle training ( top notch guys.

I did 2 CBT’s and my DAS with them, good price, nice routes, great bikes.

I did my CBT and DAS at the end of last year with Eastside Riders.

I found them superb. The bikes were new and the instructors had loads of experience. Most of all, had a personality, so had a laugh. (They were the cheapest I could find too)

They are based in the Lea Valley Ice rink, between Hackney and Leyton, so not too far from Camden.

If all the above are booked and you are willing to travel I would give freedom a go, they are behind J&S off a41 in watford and are top notch.

I went with the same people…Their trading name is “North London Motorcycle School” and the guy that owns it is also a working, top of the range instructor… “Barry”.