Anyone own or rode a BMW S 1000RR???

Looking to part ex the GSXR-1000, any real world advice someone could pass on?
May head up to Parklane for a look in a few days.

If youre going to Park Lane, speak to Pouty from this forum for some help.

PJ and Jay both own these and Im sure they will be along shortly to tell you all about them :wink:

also check this out:

and this:

or just put the bike model in the search engine on the site :wink:

I took one for a test ride a few weeks back! Absolutely, categorically the best thing I have ever sat on in my life and would happily give a limb to own one. Stunning beyond words!

I’ve been given a few good deals on finance for them from North Oxford BMW. Really top bunch of guys actually and they call me every time they get a second hand one in!

Do it! Although I’ve heard that parts aren’t that durable, I wouldn’t care!

deffinately speak to Pj before parting with you hard earned cash, seems like they got reliability issues but they are a stunning bike to look at :slight_smile:

Ask Jay as i think he has just bought one.

Thanks for the Info

The early ones like mine had an issue with camshafts but that has been rectified now as far as I know. The early ones had a clear protector on the swingarm opposed to the latest version that has a black plastic protector to stop your boots scratching the swingarm.

I have to say that it is the fastest bike I have ever ridden. It handles like a 600 but has the power of a hyabusa!!

I think we have 5 now owned by members on here, and that will only get bigger as more and more people look at upgrading their litre bikes.

Get a test ride and if you go to Parklane then ask for Matt Ward and mention me. He will look after you for sure.

It would be nice to see one with some decent mileage on, that will be the real test. :slight_smile:

I’m working on it Mark;) 4500 so far. Oh and a 4th rear tyre:P

What tyres do you fit! Hubba bubba!?! :w00t::w00t:

They sound more like sugar paper … 4th tyre??? stroooooooooooth :smiley:

I have had 2 punctures mind, 144 miles on the first tyre then 3000 miles on the second then 600 miles on the third… Oh and they are Metzeler racetecs;)