Anyone out this evening?

I know Rixxy posted about going to Ace then for a little outing but im east and Ace is an bugger to get to, especially when you are sitting on your exhaust in this heat. Will anyone be at the Tea Hut & fancy a little game of tag with the traffic?:doze:

Bummer… wished I saw this yesterday :angry: I would have been up for something!

What we doing tomorrow? (Wed)

you still would have been 2 days late, it was posted Sat’ :slight_smile:


Oi dont you all start picking on me… I will tell my mummy! Boohoo :frowning: lol

Dont you worry Carl!:crying:

lol I will try not too :unsure:

So you doing anything tomorrow? Tea Hut & Oakdene maybe?

little whiny b…ch :stuck_out_tongue: