Anyone out riding sunday?

British Summer Time is here, anyone out riding Sunday?

We were heading south - but only because we wanted to save the delights of TOWIE for days out with you so we could come east. Wanna go to the seaside? 

I will be out some where, first service done today, so more power to tap into now. Ben_Sir_Amos where abouts south are you heading ?

Oh we’d changed our mind and were going east to see NT but now I’m conflicted.

How about midlands ? Melton Mobray?

Suffolk AIM meeting at Tesco Stowmarket for riedout to Norfolk. Am allowed a guest so you can turn up. 9am. Bring your own hi-vis and leave 3rd gear at home :slight_smile:


Can I be you guest and is the hi-viz absolutely essential?

I shall head for the departure lounge and then Bognor

Have a good day you two, I would have needed to be up an hour or more earlier to make that.

Just found a ‘trip stastics’ menu on the Rider 40 shows distance travelled, driving time (on TomTom Rider?), average speed and maximum speed.

I’ll be able to show her indoors how careful I ride.

Of course. No hiviz needed :slight_smile:

Just planned a thrill to get me there via windy roads 1 setting, see how that pans out.


I went down the A2 [sic] and ended up in Hastings.  I would advertise my ride outs but then there is the potential risk someone might want to go.  Which would be a bad experience for everyone.

Think that was my final “post-accident test ride”, because aside from still being as useless at it as I was before, my head seems somehow unaffected this time.  Last year I only managed 32 miles in March then 68 miles in April trying to rebuild my confidence.  Last month I did 359 miles after getting back out, and then 329 miles in April.


Well today Mrs Rosso and I managed to put another couple of hundred miles on the  latest toy. Feels good to be out riding in sunshine again.

We came back from 3 days in Cumbria & had a quick bat round Ilkley Moor (ba tat)

Starting to recover so may see you later this year

Welcomed by Sam, top drawer all day breakie, well planned stop offs at closed cafes, seaside fish n chips, more twists n turns than you could shake a stick at and not a boy racer, girl racer, white line overtaker or any other overtaker in sight.

Happy days, all the same (may need to re-fit the top box).

Starting to recover so may see you later this year X Jetstream
We can't wait to see you. Recover soooon.