Anyone out on Sunday?

It’s a Sunday, the weather’s nice and we’re allowed out on day trips again (the lunatics get to leave the asylum). The wifey and I are off to Ryka’s Cafe (via Richmond Park, she wants to see some flower display or something) and then probably on down through nice roads to the coast for some fish and chips. Anyone else going to be out?


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You have a superfine day, Wolfies at 90 Goldstone Road Hove is the go to south coast chippy just next to the railway station. They have tables and chairs outside so you can eat out and keep an eye on the mo’cycles so no need to take the Almax (spit) other security chains are available.

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I was out, went to Charmouth and Weymouth.

Had not been on the B3157 in that direction before, so my first time seeing that view of Chesil Beach and the Fleet. That was quite something.

Ended up not going too far — Isabella Gardens in Richmond, followed by Box Hill for the views and Ryka’s for a burger. Will do the sea side on the bank holiday :slight_smile:

@National_Treasure are you still pootling around on the Bonnie? I’m considering moving to an old mans bike, that’s on the list… :smiley:

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Having wrote off two Bonne’s in quick order her indoors put her foot down which is why these days you’ll find me on ‘The 250’. Its a proper sheep in wolves clothes and performs as if it had four times the capacity I give it credit for :wink: