Anyone order a Brass

So Saturday afternoon I’m sitting at home just have a twang on the guitar as you do, and my front door opens; as I do have a tendency not to shut it behind me and it just rests on the frame. I hear a hello then a knock, then another Hello… It’s the Police!! So shouting back I say Two seconds followed by I haven’t called you! But occasionally I get visits from the local police with regards to a car being broken into or what not so no surprise really as I get to the door it fully opens and in steps a 6ft tall black woman in red hot pants, long black hair, skimpy top, quite a fair amount of jewellery and some shiny red high heels…!! Now I’m thinking she didn’t say Police it must of been Denise because that’s the only name I could of confused through a closed door as Police!!!

She looked at me and asked if she was for me!!! I should of asked if it had been paid upfront!!!

But I said sorry love but no, your not for me!!! She did apologise and walked off pretty un balanced in them heels!!

Who orders a prossie at half one on a Saturday afternoon?? A pizza yes but a prossie??!!??

At 6ft tall I would of been more concern Denise was a Denis! :wink:

Gav… Those hot pants were tight, when she walked away & I can safely say it was tucked “out the way”

lol, i would have gone outside to see which neighbour had ordered her lol

tbh, I’ve been horny at half 1 on a saturday afternoon many a time

+1 ^^^^

you sure she(he) wasnt for you flats?

i know your standards arent very high

Ok…so i pay £200 for half a fuucking hour only for you to kick her out the door…

your a cuunt you are…!!!

Last time i do something nice…:angry:



smiled, some mates just arent appreciated

send the geezer from ymca next time

And that the truth Steve…good to see you back mate!!!

place hasn’t been the same since you wen’t AWOL!!!:smiley:


Lewis maybe you and Mian should swap numbers!!

Shane pay £400 for the full hour you tight cuunt! Half hour what sort of mate are you!!

i aint gone awol, i ran outa shite to talk about on here :w00t:

ooooooooo who turned off the censor?!

when did that happen?!?!

i feel an outburst of words coming…

nice, not really a discrete service she’s running then and you could of least asked what the callout charge was.


£200 per half hour according to shane

one with low expectations, obviously :stuck_out_tongue: